What Clients Are Saying

Michael L.

We met Lee Ann at an open house at the beginning of 2020. She was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I knew I wanted to work with her when we were ready to purchase a home. We put our plans on hold due to the pandemic but periodically checked in with Lee Ann to discuss the market. She patiently answered our questions and never pressured us to buy before we were ready. We finally decided that 2022 was the year we would buy our new home. Within a few days, I fell in love with a new listing but, of course, the showings booked quickly and we weren't able to get an appointment. A few days later, we spoke with Lee Ann about it again. She called the listing agent and found out there was a cancellation. We walked through the home just hours before the offers were due and Lee Ann helped us submit a competitive offer by the deadline. Her guidance was key in helping us beat out the other offers. We would recommend Lee Ann to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!


I first found Lee Ann years ago when I was searching through the web for a local real estate agent that was highly experienced with a good track record of helping clients. I came across Lee Ann's profile and my interest was piqued at her awards and the homes she had listed. I was also looking for someone who was personable and easy to work with. Lee Ann had all the qualities we were seeking and we have not been disappointed. She just helped us purchase our PA home and we will definitely work with her in the future if we sell or buy again. I would highly recommend Lee Ann and suggest that you will be just as happy with her as we have been. If you are curious, just give her a call. You will enjoy her cheerful disposition and professionalism.

Mitzi M.

Lee Ann Embrey is amazing! Her knowledge and experience with the real estate market is deep and clear. Her understanding of real estate law is spot on. Her communication skills are responsive, clear and helpful. Her negotiating skills are well practiced and very successful. She was efficient in staging, scheduling showings, during negotiations and settlement. I had many choices of realtors and I am so happy I chose Lee Ann Embrey to be my realtor in the sale of my home.

Emmy K.

This was a challenging sale working through a pandemic. As in any sale, there were challenges. Lee Ann handled herself professionally through the entire process. I would recommend working with her.

Anna L.

There is so much I appreciate about Lee Ann that it's hard to know where to start. Unfortunately because of my pregnancy I wasn't able to fly out for the home hunting process ( moved from California). Lee Ann did all the work with my husband and while that initially made me nervous, after the first house tour with her I knew everything would be okay. She noticed every little detail that my husband missed and made us feel so confident about the value and overall condition of the home. She was extremely easy to work with and flexible. With the crazy market that we moved during I especially appreciated how honest and upfront she was about the long process that was ahead of us, while also knowing how to give us the best chance at getting a house. She had all kinds of knowledge about the areas we were looking at, and really helped us narrow down the specific areas we wanted to live in. She made it such an easy process And I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.

Justin L.

Currently, the real-estate market is turbulent--demand for housing is high, supply is low, and savvy sellers are profiting at the expense of buyers. In such a market, buyers need an experienced agent to navigate through all of the ups and downs of the home buying process. Lee Ann guided me through a number of challenges in route to an on-time closing on a beautiful home. With every twist, Lee Ann described the situation in terms that I could understand, shared solutions that had worked in the past, and helped me to identify the best way forward. Without the efforts of Lee Ann and her team of like-minded professionals, the detours would have jeopardized the deal. Thank you, Lee Ann, for delivering!

Laura V.

Lee Ann has been great from the start! She gave us expert advice in this crazy market and advised us on when to sell. When several offers came in, she negotiated behind the scenes and brought us an organized, easy to understand presentation of our offers and helped us select the best one. We knew in this market we needed an expert and that’s what we got! When we started our new house hunt, she gave us great advice upfront and helped us through the whole process. We were all over the place with what we wanted and changed our minds as we searched. Lee Ann took all of our comments and helped us switch our searches and narrow down what we wanted. Her expertise really showed with each walkthrough as she pointed out things my husband and I never would have known or noticed! When we got discouraged after months of not finding what we wanted, she always reassured us and helped us navigate the market and look for off market sales and leads in the neighborhoods we liked. She wanted us to find our dream home as much as we did! When we finally found “the one” we worked up a competitive offer and won the house! Settlement went so smoothly and we are now settled into our dream home! You definitely need a strong realtor in this market and Lee Ann is one of the best!

Rob H.

We had such a great experience buying a house with Lee Ann. She was extremely responsive and professional and was always on top of the transaction from search to close. Even in this very competitive market, Lee Ann helped us craft a competitive strategy that helped us get our house at our target price. She helped us with each step of the process and negotiated with our best interests in mind. She also facilitated communication with the seller's agent very well. We had a great experience and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Brian H.

Lee Ann did a wonderful job selling our home. Her pricing strategy got us multiple qualified offers over ask in a matter of one weekend! Her superior local knowledge meant that she knew exactly where to find buyers and she was honest and forthright about challenges we would face and set realistic expectations. I recommend Lee Ann to anyone looking to buy or sell!


Our family has used LeeAnn for multiple home purchases and sales and would never look for another realtor. She is the most responsive realtor we have ever come across. No matter the day, or time, she will respond regardless of her schedule, even if it’s just to say she will have to call/text back a little later.

LeeAnn is also your advocate - whether buying or selling - she will not only give you sound and honest advice.

LeeAnn’s extensive experience also makes her the ideal negotiator; and again, ALWAYS doing what is best for her client.

We were so lucky to find LeeAnn and would recommend her to anyone.

Leise Ann

Lee Ann was a pleasure to work with! Our search was not an easy one as shortly after we started to look, we found ourselves caring for a loved one. Lee Ann worked with us through these delays to learn what we were looking for. COVID caused further difficulty, yet she helped us through this tribulation as well. From selling our existing home to purchasing our next, Lee Ann was easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable about the market and its players, and has a network of individuals that assisted with our needs.

Jill M.

LeeAnn was the right choice to get my house sold quickly. Her experience was evident in how she handled every aspect of the sale with professionalism and ease. She has amazing people skills and quickly responded to any questions I had along the way. I felt at ease with LeeAnn in charge even during this challenging time of restrictions because of Covid. I will choose LeeAnn in a heartbeat the next time need a real estate professional. Thank you, LeeAnn for all of your hard work!

Kere R.

As a first time home seller, I was unfamiliar with the process of creating a listing, setting the price, negotiating the sale, and settlement and I was a bit anxious about the whole thing. Working with Lee Ann was awesome. She is extremely knowledgeable and was incredibly patient with all of my questions. She walked me through everything and kept me updated as things progressed. Thanks to her expertise, I was able to sell my house within days of it being listed. I highly recommend Lee Ann to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Brian M.

Lee Ann is quite simply amazing. She patiently worked with us to develop a marketing strategy specific to our home that ultimately resulted in the property selling much faster than expected and for top dollar. She’s easy to work with, communicates effectively, and delivers success. I highly recommend Lee Ann to anyone lucky enough to work with her.